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尊者 Revered Master
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Revered Master


It has been more than a month since our Choeje (King of Dharma) Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche was hospitalized, in Room 13, Internal Medicine, at 363 Chengdu Hospital. Today, Dudropchen Rinpoche, coming all the way from Sikkim, is paying a visit to our Guru.


Before his arrival, our Guru specifically told us to prepare a nice seat for our guest.


Presently Dudropchen Rinpoche, an elder in his 80s walking with an unsteady gait, came in with an attendant. He declined to sit on the special seat prepared for him, but instead sat on a small stool, made a prayer for the long life of our Guru, and went on to describe the development of Buddhism in India and China. They then started chatting about all kinds of things, religious and not, shifting from one topic to the other constantly. So animatedly were they engaged in talking that they showed no signs of fatigue.


Our Guru asked Rinpoche how many attendants he had on his way back from his foreign travels. Rinpoche replied: “None. I traveled back all by myself.” “That’s it? But who took care of you all the way?” “I have people meeting me on arrival and sending me off on departure. It’s a hassle to have someone accompanying me. Please don’t be fooled by my age; I am still well enough to take care of myself.” It’s amazing to see that this highly renowned master of Tibet prefers to keep a low profile, which contrasts glaringly with so-called masters who lack realization but surround themselves with massive entourages.


Thus these two great spiritual masters enjoyed their heart-to-heart talk, and they made aspirations together to remain in the world to benefit sentient beings. Rinpoche also bestowed his blessings on each one of us before heading to his lodging at Shudu Mansion Hotel. By the time we arrived at his room on the 26th floor, there were already many followers from various regions waiting respectfully for him.


At the moment we parted, Rinpoche purposely entered a short meditation and exhorted me to do the following practices in order to pray for our Guru’s long life and to remove hindrances of guru and disciples. These practices are: 10,000 recitations of the Prayer to the 18 Arhats; 100,000,000 recitations of the Heart Mantra of the Four-Faced Buddha Mother; and 100,000 recitations of The Tantra of Stainless Purification. I take to heart what he said and hope we all work sincerely and earnestly for the long life of our Guru, as well as for all accomplished beings. May all obstacles and unfavorable conditions be dispelled!


2nd of May, Year of RenWu
June 12, 2002

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