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真理即拯救者 Truth the Saviour
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Truth the Saviour


The things of the world and its inhabitants are subject to change.
They are combinations of elements that existed before,
and all living creatures are what their past actions made them;
for the law of cause and effect is uniform and without exceptions. [1]

世间万物、诸种现象均是易变的,它们乃之前存在的各种因素聚合所生成的。所有活着的众生,它们过去的行为造就了它们的现在。因为因果法则普遍存在,没有例外。 1

But in the changing things there is a constancy of law,
and when the law is seen there is truth.
The truth lies hidden in Samsara as the permanent in its changes. [2]

然而,在常变之物中有一连续不断之道,这道被发现之时真理便显现出来。正如永恒存在于常变之中,真理则隐匿在轮回里。 2

Truth desires to appear;
truth longs to become conscious;
truth strives to know itself. [3]

真理愿意显现出来;真理渴望成为有意识的;真理努力去认识它自身。 3

There is truth in the stone, for the stone is here;
and no power in the world, no god, no man, no demon, can destroy its existence.
But the stone has no consciousness. [4]

石头之中有真理,石头就在这里。世上没有任何力量,没有神,没有人,没有魔鬼能摧毁石头的存在。但是石头没有意识。 4

There is truth in the plant and its life can expand;
the plant grows and blossoms and bears fruit.
Its beauty is marvellous, but it has no consciousness. [5]

植物之中有真理,植物的生命可以延伸。植物在成长、开花、结果。植物的美丽让人惊叹不已,但是它没有意识。 5

There is truth in the amimal; it moves about and perceives its surroundings;
it distinguishes and learns to choose.
There is consciousness, but it is not yet the consciousness of Truth.
It is a consciousness of self only. [6]

动物之中有真理,动物到处跑动并观察周围环境,它能够辨别并学会了选择。它有意识,但并不是对真理的意识。它仅仅只有一种对自我的意识。 6

The consciousness of self dims the eyes of the mind and hides the truth.
It is the origin of error, it is the source of illusion, it is the germ of evil. [7]

对自我的意识使得心灵的眼睛黯淡无光,并将真理隐藏起来。它是谬见之源,幻相之因,罪恶之由。 7

Self begets selfishness.
There is no evil but what flows from self.
There is no wrong but what is done by the assertion of self. [8]

自我引起自私自利。一切罪恶均由自我而来。一切错误都因坚持自我而生。 8

Self is the beginning of all hatred,
of iniquity and slander, of impudence and indecency,
of theft and robbery, of oppression and bloodshed.
Self is Mara, the tempter, the evildoer, the creator of mischief. [9]

自我是所有憎恨、不公、诽谤、无耻下流、偷窃和抢掠、压迫和流血的源头。自我是波旬,是魔鬼、为恶者、灾祸的制造者。 9

Self entices with pleasures. Self promises a fairy's paradise.
Self is the veil of Maya, the enchanter.
But the pleasures of self are unreal,
its paradisian labyrinth is the road to misery,
and its fading beauty kindles the flames of desires
that never can be satisfied. [10]

自我以快乐来诱惑人。自我许诺一个仙境似的乐园。自我是空幻境界的面纱,是魔术师。但是自我的快乐是不真实的,它的乐园的曲径是通往痛苦的道路,它那迟暮的美貌点燃了欲望之火,而这欲望永远不能得到满足。 10

Who shall deliver us from the power of self?
Who shall save us from misery?
Who shall restore us to a life of blessedness? [11]

谁能将我们从自我的力量中解放出来?谁能将我们从痛苦中拯救出来?谁能将幸福的生活再归还给我们? 11

There is misery in the world of Samsara;
there is much misery and pain.
But greater than all the misery is the bliss of truth.
Truth gives peace to the yearning mind;
it conquers error;
it quenches the flames of desires;
it leads to Nirvana. [12]

在轮回的世界里有痛苦,有太多的痛苦和伤悲。但比所有的痛苦更伟大的是真理的赐福,真理给渴求的心灵带来和平;它战胜了错误,它熄灭了欲望之火,它通向涅槃。 12

Blessed is he who has found the peace of Nirvana.
He is at rest in the struggles and tribulations of life;
he is above all changes; he is above birth and death;
he remains unaffected by the evils of life. [13]

在涅槃中找到平安的人有福了。他在生活的挣扎和磨难中远离焦虑和痛苦;他超越所有的变动不居;他超越生与死;他不受生活中的罪恶影响,保持自然状态。 13

Blessed is he who has found enlightenment.
He conquers, although he may be wounded;
he is glorious and happy, although he may suffer;
he is strong, although he may break down under the burden of his work;
he is immortal, although he may die.
The essence of his being is purity and goodness. [14]

已经觉悟的人有福了。他是征服者,尽管他可能受伤;他是荣耀和幸福的,尽管他可能遭受痛苦;他是强壮的,尽管他可能被工作的重任压垮;他是不朽的,尽管他可能死去。他存在的本质是纯洁和善良的。 14

Blessed is he who has attained the sacred state of Buddhahood,
for he is fit to work out the salvation of his fellow beings.
The truth has taken its abode in him.
Perfect wisdom illumines his understanding,
and righteousness ensouls the purpose of all his actions. [15]

努力到达神圣成佛状态的人有福了,因为他能胜任去做拯救世人的工作。真理在他的心中停驻。完美的智慧启发了他的理解力,正义给他所有工作的目的赋予灵魂。 15

The truth is a living power for good, indestructible and invincible!
Work the truth out in your mind, and spread it amoung mankind,
for truth alone is the saviour from evil and misery.
The Buddha has found the truth and the truth has been proclaimed by the Buddha!
Blessed be the Buddha! [16]

对善而言,真理是一种活生生的、不可毁坏、不能征服的力量!在你的心灵中培植真理吧,将它扩展到全人类,因为只有真理才能将我们从罪恶和痛苦中解救出来。佛陀发现了真理,真理被佛陀所宣讲!佛陀是有福的! 16

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