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平常心 Normality - 善果现起 The Outflow Of Good Result
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I recieved an invitation from the director and group of doctors of the hospital in Korngaan to give a Dhammatalk about the results of caring for and helping the sick due to traffic accidents. Bless you and listen.



People who do service, whether they are policemen, soldiers or whatever kind of service, one should know one's duties, because we've learned those duties for doing service. When we do service we must perform those duties properly. If we don't perform our duties properly, it is called not respecting our duties and it is the cause for defects and ruin. All of us Thai people live together and we must help by caring for our duties. Besides this, we must try to help and advise others who don't know yet, about our duties. This is a reflection and I'd like to speak straightforwardly.


For example, policemen and traffic officers, on land, on sea or in the air : there is a law that we know well. I've been in a plane and saw that the pilot obeyed all the regulations of flying, which includes respecting duties. I once asked an officer at the airport and was told that they have arrangements that the plane must land over there, drive somewhere and come back over here. And the one who has the duty really practices accordingly, which is not the same as traffic on land, as we know. There are officers who check things but it appears that there are cars that drive however they feel like, with a few little bribes. This is distorting our duties, because it is our duty to be strict and warn people according to our regulations. We have to remember that this person will practice the duties strictly.


Seeing it from another angle : In the situation where there is trouble at home, it is because this person is deficient in performing his or her duties. We are one who induces damage to be done. It is necessary to speak and criticize straightly, like this. We usually blame others but never blame ourselves. So today, I would like to advise all of us Buddhists or those who proclaim to be real Buddhists to know what the meaning of Buddhism is and what Buddhism advises to do and how.


Buddhism recommends to have kindness, compassion, sympathy and equanimity. We probably know this, we've all heard it. In the time of the Buddha, there was a young doctor named Jivaka, who was someone who looked after his duties excellently. He cared for and cured people all over the place, from the great king, the monks and novices, down to villagers and the poor, without interest in personal gain. He got so much praise that he became the personal doctor of the Buddha. After some time, he was famous all over the country and he traveled around looking after people in almost every village, town, district and province. He worked without thinking of money ; he did his duty, realizing that a doctor must be just with his patients.


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