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宁静的森林水池 A Still Forest Pool 第五章 森林里的教导 Lessons in the Forest
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Lessons in the Forest 


Daily life at Wat Ba Pong, as at most forest monasteries, begins at 3;00 AM with group chanting and meditation until just before dawn. At dawn monks walk barefoot two to eight miles to collect alms food at various nearby villages. On their return, the food collected is shared equally in begging bowls, and eating of the one daily meal begins with a chanted blessing. After meal clean-up, from 9;30 A.M. to 3;00 PM monks return to their huts for a period of solitary meditation, study, or work, or they join various monastery projects, such as repairing buildings and fences, sewing robes, or constructing new cottages. At 3;00 PM all are called to help draw and carry well water to the water storage barrels and to sweep the central grounds. At 6;00 PM after bathing, the monks reassemble for meditation, evening chanting, and periodic Dharma talks. Returning to their cottages, they use the late evening hours for silent sitting and walking meditation and as a time to listen to the sounds of the forest as it settles down for the night.


The spirit of practice at Wat Ba Pong is to establish right understanding and then apply it with mindfulness to every task and situation. This way of practice is one that can be equally well applied in the midst of any busy life, so the Lessons in the Forest are important ones for us as Westerners too. At the monastery both alms-food collecting and floor cleaning are meditation, and awareness is trained equally in following the breath and in shaving the head. On some days Achaan Chah participates intimately in the daily life of the monastery, cleaning and sweeping leaves with the other monks. On others he teaches more formally, receiving the constant stream of visitors seeking his wisdom and advice.

  巴蓬寺的修行精神是去建立正确的知见,然後将它与正念一起应用在每一种工作与情况中。这种修行的方法同样可以运用在任何繁忙的生活中,因此,在森林里的课程对我们西方人而言也非常重要。在寺里,托钵和洗地板都是禅坐,观呼吸和剃头同样是在训练我们的觉醒。有时候,阿姜 查会亲自加入寺里的日常生活,和其他的僧侣们一起打扫和扫落叶。其他时候,他会比较正式的教导,接见川流不息来寻求他的智慧和指导的访客。

In all these situations he teaches the monks. Sometimes it is through his presence, his simple, straightforward participation in the round 'of monastery life. Often it is through his words-humorous comments, practical Dharma points, or answers to questions that arise in the course of a day.


Periodically, Achaan Chah gives an extended evening talk to the assembled monks and lay people on some aspect of practice and spiritual life. The talk may be given in response to a question, for a special visitor, or as a spontaneous teaching. In each case, he sits silently for a moment, closes his eyes, and a natural outflow of Dharma begins.

  阿姜 查会定期地延长晚间的开示,对集合的僧侣及居士们做些关於修行和精神生活的不同层面的开示。他的开示也许是对特别来宾的问题给予回答,或自然而发的教导。每一次,他都阖上双眼,静静地坐了一会儿,然後,自然流露的法便开始了。

In many ways he inspires those who share daily life with him in the forest. He shows us that only in walking this path ourselves can we move from theory to realization, from ideas of Dharma to a life of wisdom and compassion.


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